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Envie d’un séjour inoubliable et d’expériences inédites ?

Entre décor de western désertique, paysage pittoresque et farniente, un voyage vers le sud du pays vous permettra de découvrir les multiples facettes de l’île.Soyez au plus près des meilleures attractions touristiques du pays des lémuriens ! Vos 15 jours d’évasion seront pleins de surprises ! Notre circuit est une véritable invitation à la découverte et au lâcher-prise.

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Day 1

Arrival in Antananarivo and transfer to the hotel

"Tongasoa in Madagascar! "Tongasoa" is the first Malagasy word you will hear when you land at Ivato airport in Antananarivo, the island's capital. We concocted you a first day of discovery as you dreamed them with a warm welcome and the friendly smile of the team... Ready? Stretch your legs as you tour the capital or the City of a Thousand. You will find the city in its ancestral facet (houses and palaces of yesteryear, rice fields and pastures), its small buildings with modern architecture, but also these endless alleys... Your taste buds will love tasting the specialties of the Big Island. From pork to quail, including crocodile meat, indulge your appetite for lunch and a well-deserved rest at the end of the evening, as you leave for Antsirabe the next day.

Day 2

Travel to Antsirabe

Hurry up! Antsirabe awaits you a few hours drive along the characteristic landscape of the Central Highlands. Rustic laterite houses covered with thatched roofs, magnificent hills, green rice fields on terraces... the contrast between the colours will bewitch you. Once there, hiking enthusiasts will be delighted by the route through the surrounding villages. Get ready for the adventure, the escape of your dreams while enjoying the freshness of nature. A delicious meal typically Malagasy at a villager's house will enhance your little getaway.

Day 3

Visit of Antsirabe and discovery of the craftsmen of the city

Explore the charming city of Antsirabe in its depths... Choose a special means of transport: the rickshaw. Antsirabe is the first Malagasy city to use the rickshaw, a small cart pulled by a man, ideally designed for two people. Enjoy your stay along the wide shady avenues lined with jacarandas. Smile and film, you're the actor! Antsirabe is the capital of culture, many artists have emerged from this city and settled there. A Malagasy guide will be pleased to show you the premises of the craftsmen and confectioners of the city. Count on him to find you a nice restaurant where you can enjoy a lunch with the flavours of the country.

Day 4

Stopover in Ambositra

We reserve you a small stopover in the town of Ambositra, 90 km from Antsirabe. Ambositra is one of Madagascar's most creative craft towns. Between objects of interior decoration, kitchen utensils, jewels, board games or silk scarves... You will hesitate on what to bring back in memory of your passage in these places. In Madagascar, everything is a bargain! You're going to do some good business in a little while. At the end of the day, push the doors of Ranomafana which means "hot water". This town is known for its thermal waters. It is also home to one of the largest national parks on the Big Island. From your room, you will be amazed by the night birds that will rock your evening with their melodious singing. At nightfall, night owls can easily admire the nocturnal animals in the national park.

Day 5

Visit of Ranomafana National Park

Come blend into the forest of Ranomafana, you won't regret it! Classified as World Heritage, this natural environment is home to a wide variety of animal and plant species, most of which are endemic. The reserve offers you the possibility to discover 115 varieties of birds, 98 species of amphibians, 90 specimens of butterflies and 62 types of reptiles. But not that, admire closely the many lemurs of the park. Keep your cameras close and be ready when one of them moves in front of you! Enjoy your lunch in a quiet place while admiring the magnificent surrounding spectacle. Waterfalls, varieties of orchids and palm trees, strange carnivorous plants, tree ferns... it's a real delight for nature lovers like you.

Day 6

Stopover in Ambalavao

After Ranomafana, head for Ranohira! The road will be long enough but we have planned some stops to spice up your trip. We stop in Ambalavao to further enrich your trip. The visit of the park of the villagers is on the program: discover the maki of Madagascar, the lemur with the striped tail living freely in this park. Take your cameras so you don't lose any of those special moments! On the road 66 Malagasy, the landscape will remind you the American films and their kilometers of roads as far as the eye can see... And no, you do not dream, you are indeed in Madagascar !

Day 7

Exploration of Isalo Park

How about a day of hiking and swimming? Put on your sports shoes and bring your swimsuit! We will explore Isalo National Park. This botanical garden evolving in a western decor will leave you speechless. Admire the impressive canyons at an altitude of 1,240 metres and the enormous rocks surrounding the park's sites. This one shelters a wild and endemic nature, frame of an exotic hike. A few hours walk through the park will take you to a whole new world. Make your dream come true in Isalo, in the south of Madagascar! Your private guide will help you discover the Canyon des Singes et des Rats. Be amazed at its magnificent turquoise blue waterfall and panoramic view of the forest, cliffs and rice fields. That's not all! Namaza Canyon is also a must. If the course is rather sporty, it is totally worth it. Amaze your eyes on the mysterious Nymphes waterfall and the "blue & black pool". With a little zeal to climb the waterfalls, you will have the chance to see the Benson's Blackbird, an endemic bird found nowhere else. Your relaxation continues not far from the canyon where there is a natural swimming pool: enjoy a swim in this pure water to breathe happiness.

Day 8

Visit of a Bara village and the window of Isalo

After the effort, comfort! Enjoy a less rhythmic day visiting a village of the Bara ethnic group. This is the perfect opportunity to make nice encounters and immerse yourself in the traditional everyday life of the local ethnic group. End your day in beauty by admiring the sunset at the window of Isalo. Located 17 km from Ranohira, this natural sculpture opens onto a mythical setting. Your eyes will shine as you see the deserted valley landscape stretching on the horizon.

Day 9

Visit of the Zombitse park, in Tuléar

The journey continues to Tuléar. The treasures of Zombitse National Park await you. This site will offer you a show different from what you have seen so far. The hot and dry tropical climate of the region favours the development of dry and thorny forests, characteristic of southern Madagascar (baobabs, acacias, aloes). Are you a bird lover? The Zombitse park is the ideal place to count them thanks to its many species. Be one of the lucky ones to discover this site where most birds are endemic. Walk, explore and then have lunch with beautiful background music: the singing of the local choir, a flock of birds.

Day 10

Travel to Anakao

This time, after a good night's sleep in Tuléar, the largest city in southwest Madagascar, we will embark and head for Anakao, a fishing village 40 km south of Tuléar. Travel on a peaceful azure blue sea and enjoy the gentle southern breeze. Set ablaze by the sun, the turquoise blue water is a real delight for the eyes. With luck, the dolphins will come along dancing and escort you for a moment. Then cross the coral reef and its silver foam wall. Another cliché not to be missed! The further you go, the more you will see landscapes of forests, mangroves and white sand dunes. On your boat, you will see the village of Anakao which will appear as an oasis, it will be your resting place from now on. Protect yourself well from the sun and quench your thirst as it is over 30 degrees in the shade here...

Day 11

Excursion to Nosy Ve and Nosy Satrana Islands

Drop the anchor! Go to Nosy Ve Island by traditional canoe. The crossing will last a maximum of three quarters of an hour. Arrived at destination, the sandy beaches of coral origin, the azure blue sky and the turquoise sea will give you the impression of a postcard landscape. Go around the island. Collect beautiful shells to bring back to your loved ones. Discover underwater biodiversity, watch the life of animals and plants on the seabed with a mask and a snorkel (multicoloured fish and corals). If you like fishing, you will have the possibility to hunt your meal with the canoeists of the village. Then spoil your taste buds! They will prepare you a menu based on rice, fresh fish or seafood, the whole is to be tasted with a delicious sauce of which only they have the secret. After lunch, go to Nosy Satrana, this small deserted island where the herons elected district. Once again, you will be exposed to private beaches for special moments. However, you can also explore the island. See fossilized pieces of egg shells from Aepyornis, the ancestor of the ostrich, the largest bird in the world. Walk to the island's eastern summit to discover its famous tombs. In short, you will not miss the activities. Enjoy, you deserve it!

Day 12

Visit Tsimanampetsotsa Park

There are definitely many parks in Madagascar. Tsimanampetsotsa's biodiversity is still remarkably endemic. It is a place of hibernation for the aquatic avifauna. To your delight, the majestic pink flamingos on the lake await you to be discovered. Remember to capture all these unique moments in your life.

Day 13

Return to Tuléar

Enjoy a half-day rest on the shores of Anakao in the blond sands. Sip a drink facing the sea while contemplating the horizon. Let yourself go to an unrivaled idleness. Enjoy this moment because the return to Tuléar will be in the afternoon.

Day 14

Return to Antananarivo

All you have to do is pack your bags and we will take care of your transfer to Tuléar airport for the flight back to the capital. Once you have landed, we will recommend a restaurant where you will enjoy the delicious dishes of the City of a Thousand. End your day with a cultural escapade to the palace of Ambohimanga, the ancient residence of the famous Malagasy ruler Andrianampoinimerina. The palace sits majestically on top of the sacred hill of Ambohimanga, a fascinating tourist site, full of history. Take pictures without moderation…

Day 15

Antananarivo - Paris

It is important for us that you end your stay in Madagascar on a note of happiness and plenitude. Before you fly away, we will propose you a last visit of the City of a thousand. Between the Queen's Palace which stands on the highest hill of Antananarivo, the ironwork of art and the great handicraft market of the capital, you will return home being greatly satisfied.


  • BB accommodation in room /bungalow double /twin
  • (Breakfasts + Dinners + Nights)
  • Breakfasts (D02 to J 15)
  • Breakfast included (D 02 – 08)
  • Dinners included (D 01-02-03-04-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-12-13-14-15)
  • Transfer to  Ivato Airport – Hotel (D 01)
  • city tour (D 01)
  • Hiking in Malagasy villages with lunch at the inhabitant’s (D 02)
  •  Visit (D 02)
  • Visit of the craftsmen in hand-trucks (D 03)
  • Visit of the workshops of the craftsmen in hand-trucks (D 03)
  • Night visit in the park of  Ranomafana (D 04)
  • Visit of Ranomafana Park (D 05)
  • Visit Antemoro paper and wild silk workshop (D 06)
  • Visit  of Isalo National Park (D 07)
  • Visit of the Bara village (D 08)
  • Visit of Zombitse Park (D 09)
  • Visit of arboretum (D 09)
  • Transfer Hotel – Port Tuléar (D 10)
  • Fast transfer for Anakao (D 10)
  • Trip to Nosy Satrana and Nosy Ve (J 11)
  • Visit of Tsimanampetsotsa Park (D 12)
  • Return speedboat Transfer (J 13)
  • Transfer Port – Hotel (J 13)
  • Visit Ambohimanga Palace (D 14)
  • The rental of a vehicle with driver-guide
  • The fuel needed for the trip.
  • Taxes and tourist vignettes in all hotels


  • International flights Abroad – Antananarivo – Abroad
  • Domestic flights: Antananarivo – Tuléar (J 02) *240 euros per person *may vary, Saint Mary – Antananarivo *240 euros per person *may vary
  • your plane tickets Antananarivo – Tuléar and Sainte Marie -Antananarivo in partnership with our travel agency
  • lunch on (D01 – 02- 04 – 05 -06 -10 12 -13 – 14 – 15 – 17 – 18 – 19 – 20 – 21 – 22)
  • Activities and visits not mentioned in the programme (activities proposed during the free stays).
  • Drinks and extras.
  • Personal expenses: tips, telephone.
  • Personal and comprehensive insurance: sickness, assistance, repatriation, theft or loss of luggage and cancellation.
  • The usual tips of the driver (left to your discretion).
  • Any changes to this program are the responsibility of the customers,including the extras
  • All activities paid and not performed are not refundable but replaced by other activities
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Pour aller a Madagascar, il vous faut tout simplement vous munir de votre passport encore valide pour au moins 6 mois, le visa se fait a l’arrivé à l’aéroport pour une valeur de 35 euros environ

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