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Envie d’une escapade dans un coin de paradis?…

A travers ce voyage, découvrez une terre d’abondance qui vous offrira une immersion totale dans un cadre idyllique où découverte et détente sont les mots d’orde. Les somptueuses plages semblables à des édens n’attendent que vous…

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Day 1


As soon as you arrive, the team will welcome you warmly and drive you to your hotel in downtown Antananarivo. During this first day, you will have the opportunity to discover the capital of Madagascar, a city full of dynamism and contrasts where modern buildings are interspersed with traditional houses. Walk along cobblestone alleys where street musicians break the noise of the city crowd with playful rhythms of traditional music and let yourself be seduced by the songs of the City of the Thousand.

Day 2

Antananarivo - Diego Suarez

After breakfast at the hotel, embark to fly over half of the country before landing in Diego Suarez, the largest city in northern Madagascar. Radical change of scenery! Diego Suarez is first and foremost the charm of its beautiful colonial style houses, beautiful beaches, sunny weather most of the year and a population full of hospitality. But there is no way to go on an adventure on an empty stomach. Before starting the tour of the city, we will take the time to savor a good dish typical of the region. The discovery of the three famous bays of the region will follow: Sakalava Bay, Dunes Bay and Pigeon Bay. This beautiful walk will make you enjoy a real little paradise. An ideal wind, beautiful coves, crystal clear waters and gentle waves, there are all the ingredients you need for a successful swim. Don’t worry, water sports enthusiasts will not be left out, since the bay of Sakalava is the ideal place to practice kitesurfing. At your boards!

Day 3

Diego Suarez - Excursion on the Emerald Sea

Go on an adventure! Start exploring by the Emerald Sea. Through this excursion, you will discover the incredible beauty of the turquoise waters of this lagoon, covered in white sand. This very little visited site has preserved all its wild nature. Our crush in this place: enjoy the gentle sound of waves offshore ... relaxing, it will be! Protected from the waves by a coral reef, the Emerald Sea is like a vast aquarium in which turtles and rays swim peacefully. Privileged, you will be! swim in the company of these beautiful creatures ... you will also enjoy this idyllic setting to enjoy a delicious lunch based on fish from the day's catch.

Day 5 znd 6

Diego Suarez – Ankarana

We are heading to the Ankarana Park, located about 110 kilometers from Diego. On the road, a small stop at the sacred lake of Antanavo is on the program to observe its crocodiles. the legend says that these reptiles would be the reincarnation of villagers on whom the wrath of a traveler would have fallen. Myth or reality ? up to you to decide ... One thing is sure, a veil of mystery will always hover over the origin of these crocodiles. We will then take the road to see a must spot: the canyon "Red Tsingy". Once again, the biodiversity of the Big Island will surprise you with this beautiful landscape of red earth that take on a Wild West appearance. The red Tsingy canyon is an impressive erosion-like rock formation similar to stalagmites. The red color is dominant hence the term "red Tsingy". Immortalize your passage with picture at will ! After lunch, lets head to Ankarana Park! A superb hotel with comfortable bungalows awaits you there. Enjoy a delicious dinner and a good night's sleep to face the adventurous day that we reserved for you. If you are a fan of night photography, the magnificient starry sky at night will be a beautiful subject for your lenses. We will start visiting the park in the morning of the next day. The adventure promises to be long, arm yourself with a good pair of hiking shoes and a sufficient supply of water for the day. Located in the heart of a mountain range, the Ankarana Park is the cradle of an unparalleled mineral world, including the "Tsingy", these rocky wonders born of erosion and sculpted by the winds and rains. These 200-meter high coral reefs are over 150 million years old and home to a huge variety of flora and fauna. Follow your guide, do not get lost in this vast labyrinthian extent strewn with mysterious caves. Between walking, crossing in suspension and climbing, this hike will be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your stay!

Day 7

Ankify - Nosy Be

In the morning, go to the port of Ankify to join the Nosy Be Island. On the way, enjoy a stop to visit the Millot plantation, a colonial plantation that has existed for more than a century, specializing in the exploitation of cocoa as well as various plants. The preparation of cocoa will no longer have any secrets for you. You will also be able to catch a glimpse of the enchanting world of ylang-ylang, vetiver, patchouli and many other species during their manufacturing phase. After closing this little interlude rich in gourmet and fragrant notes, board a private boat for Nosy Be Island. Also known as "The Island of Perfumes", Nosy Be offers a perfect backdrop to illustrate your postcards. Enjoy the rest of your day to visit the island and enjoy the splendor of its miles of beaches.

Day 8

Nosy Be - Nosy Komba - Nosy Tanikely

Drop off again and set sail for Nosy Komba Island! You will discover its lemur park and its fishing village with traditional canoes. The warmth of the smile of the people living there will show you a glimpse of the malagasy hospitality and delighted they will be to help you discover their land. The day will continue with a visit to the marine park of Nosy Tanikely Island. Discover there the wealth of marine life representative of the Indian Ocean. Diving enthusiasts, you will have the pleasure of contemplating corals, anemones, groupers, sea turtles and many more. An unparalleled show in one of the largest natural aquariums in the world, just for you. Following this trip to the sea, we will enjoy a traditional Malagasy royal lunch served on the beach before continuing with a walk to the lighthouse where a breathtaking view of the island and its surroundings awaits us. Make sure your camera is with you to not miss any crumbs of this show !

Day 9

Nosy Be - Nosy Iranja

Set sail, we leave for Nosy Iranja Island. An idyllic landscape on the virgin coast of Madagascar and its miles of wild beaches will accompany us throughout the crossing. Made up of two islands connected by a 2 km white sand bank, Nosy Iranja or Turtle Island is an island of breathtaking beauty where absolute tranquility reigns. Do not forget to bring your shirts! Swimming and sunbathing are expected during this trip. For lunch, a picnic under the coconut trees awaits you. let this beautiful setting whet your appetite. A visit to the lighthouse, built in 1900 by Gustave Eiffel will take place to enjoy an incredible view of the sea and the neighboring islands. After some memorable shots, we will return to the hotel in the late afternoon.

Day 10

Nosy Be - Lokobe Reserve

Early in the morning, we will leave to visit the Lokobe Reserve, located southeast of Nosy Be. hardly entered the reserve, the lush rainforest appear. It is home to a wide variety of species, especially lemurs. After this morning of discovery, enjoy a delicious lunch in the heart of the reserve, following which we will continue the visit until the end of the afternoon

Day 11

Nosy Be - Tour of the island

More desire of surprises? Enjoy this day for a tour of the perfume island. There will be many places to visit, including the famous Dzamandzar rum distillery and sugar refinery, then the ylang-ylang distillery, the emblematic product of Nosy Be. In addition to discovering the distillation process of ylang-ylang flowers, the zoo on site will allow you to admire chameleons, lizards and turtles. Last chance to photograph yourself with these animals! The tour will also include a passage through the colorful market of Hell-ville, the capital of Nosy Be. Prepare your wallet, it's the perfect opportunity to stock up on spices or just to have some beautiful memories of the island. In the early afternoon, we will take the east road leading to the Sacred Tree of Mahatsinjo. For the small historical and cultural note, this majestic tree is 200 years old and has spread over more than 5,000 m2.It is now a place of prayer, local rituals and customs are omnipresent. In the late afternoon, we will return to the hotel. Take your ease! Sip a delicious, well-earned cocktail while enjoying the sunset.

Day 12

Nosy Be - Antananarivo

Before the big departure, we will return to Antananarivo and close this tour with a visit to the Ambohimanga Palace. Although it is the last stop of the trip, this visit will not be the least. The Ambohimanga Palace stands on a royal hill that was once the cradle of the Merina kingdom, the ethnic group of the capital. By visiting these places that have preserved all their authenticity, you will impregnate the history and Merina culture and take with you an unforgettable memory of Madagascar.

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