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Envie d’une échappée belle dans un lieu d’exception ?…

Ce voyage est pour vous une invitation à vivre une aventure inoubliable. Plongé dans un cadre encore sauvage au charme atypique, partez à la découverte des plus grands trésors naturels de l’île, voire du monde et offrez-vous une parenthèse remplie d’extase, vous emportant loin de la monotonie du quotidien.

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Day 1


A stay in the Big Island would not be possible without a first visit to the capital of Antananarivo, the City of a Thousand, a charming city in perpetual evolution. When the plane crosses the clouds to slowly descend towards the airstrip, lean over your window to admire the unique landscape that Antananarivo offers, a successful marriage of ancestral hills, traditional houses, green rice fields and modern structures. Upon arrival at Ivato airport, you will be met and taken to your hotel where you will be comfortably accommodated for the night. For your first dinner, a short tour through the city centre is a must. Chic restaurants, traditional Malagasy tables or trendy tapas bars, you will have only the embarrassment of choice to satisfy your appetite! Make sure you get a good night's sleep, because the next day promises to be rich in discovery.

Day 2

Departure for Antsirabe

Just enough time to take strength for the day by enjoying a good breakfast, and we will take the road, direction Antsirabe, 165 kilometers from the capital. But there's no way you're spending the trip just looking at the scenery from your seat! Warm up well, because a hike in the surrounding villages awaits you during the journey. This is an opportunity to meet the inhabitants of the Highlands and discover their culture. We will also visit a famous village lulled by many stories, going back to the time of the Malagasy royalty. Cradle of the seven hills Merina, it is part of the circuit of the "Lalan'Andriana" or path of the nobles, road once used by the great kings. A little further on our way, visit the famous pot foundry in the town of Ambatolampy. Although it mainly produces aluminium kitchen utensils, making the region famous, the many display stands that adorn the streets are not without various decorative objects and souvenirs forged from the same material. They will seduce you by their originality and the finesse of details. After having a delicious lunch with the locals, we will swallow the last kilometers before arriving in Antsirabe. Welcome to Madagascar's third largest city! After a brief stay at the hotel to drop off the luggage, the tour of the city can begin. Nicknamed "The city of the thermal baths", Antsirabe is famous for hosting many thermal springs, including Ranomafana. It is also renowned for its fresh air and tranquility. Far from the pollution and crowds of big cities, the "rickshaws" reign supreme in its peaceful streets, enough to make you want to take a short trip with one to discover the surroundings differently. Its setting is ideal to rest for an evening before starting the journey to the city of Morondava.

Day 3

Day 03 : Departure for Morondava

Full throttle towards Morondava! If the trip to reach the western city may seem long enough, it will be punctuated by a walk on the famous Allée des baobabs. Huge trees with strange and fascinating looks are the main subjects of this unique landscape. Let yourself be seduced by the splendour of the place at each of your steps and take advantage of this opportunity to take some memorable pictures of this enchanting setting. Once you arrive in Morondava at the end of the evening, enjoy a delicious local dish for dinner, before spending the night in a comfortable bungalow.

Day 4

Departure for Bekopaka

Hurry to finish breakfast, and go conquer Bekopaka! On the way, a craftsman specialized in the wooden Baobabs factory will show you his workshop. Be seduced by these finely carved sculptures that make excellent ornaments for a home. Then cross the first ferry of Bekopaka with the local inhabitants. Enjoy a stop at Mad Zébu du Belo restaurant for lunch: play between a carpaccio of camarons with pineapple and ginger chutney, a shank of zebu cooked in red wine, not forgetting ice cream with Madagascar vanilla flavour... “Tsara be” or excellent as they say in Malagasy, your taste buds will demand more! You will then take the road again and pass at the level of the second ferry to reach the city of Bekopaka where you will spend the night in a comfortable hotel.

Day 5

Discovery of the Little Tsingy of Bekopaka

Ready for a day's expedition? Let's go for a first visit of the Tsingy de Bemaraha Park. Embark aboard a traditional pirogue for a beautiful stroll along the Manambolo River, enhanced by a visit to the surrounding caves. All along this walk, you will evolve under the cadenced noise of the steep gorges flowing in the distance, enjoying a landscape in the unique beauty where a dense forest slowly leaves place to a sparse vegetation. Your guide will take this opportunity to tell you the story of the life of the “Vazimba”, considered to be the first men of the island. A walking excursion to discover the Little Tsingy of Bekopaka is on the program! Located at the entrance of the village, these small sharp ridges are the fruit of karst limestone deposits formed over 200 million years ago, offering the world a spectacular landscape. Slide between the faults and visit caves of limestone formations before reaching a cliff giving a panoramic view over the Tsingy and the breath-taking views of the Manambolo River.

Day 6

Discovery of the great Tsingy of Bemaraha

Head for the great Tsingy of Bemaraha! Unlike the proximity of the small Tsingy and their small size, the large Tsingy are geographically farther away and much larger in size. 17 kilometres north of the village of Bekopaka, dive into the heart of one of Madagascar's most beautiful nature reserves! Discover superb limestone cathedrals, let yourself be bewitched by these dense networks of faults, similar to labyrinthine galleries and go to meet the Great Tsingy, peaks over sixty meters high. Strong feeling guaranteed throughout the day!

Day 7

Visit of Kirindy

On the way to Kirindy Park, a mine of incredible wealth whose biodiversity never ceases to amaze! After returning to the crossing points of the two ferries, enjoy a delicious lunch in the local restaurant, the Lodge de la saline, named after the salt marshes of this region. You will need to take strength because a canoe trip awaits you in the afternoon. Armed with your paddle, discover the Kirindy Mangrove, a superb ecosystem where you will undoubtedly see plants with aerial roots, molluscs and crustaceans of all kinds. Later in the evening, get ready for an unforgettable night out. In the darkness of the night, the park comes to life before your eyes. Equipped with some torches, observe with enthusiasm the microcèbes of the forest, they are the smallest lemurs in the world. But be careful... The most total silence is required not to frighten these adorable primates. With a little luck, you will be able to capture memorable shots of this beautiful encounter.

Day 8

Departure for Morondava

A beautiful sunny day under the sign of discovery awaits you. Take out your hats and explore the beautiful beaches and coastal dunes of Kirindy! Don't miss the visit of the impressive salt works of Antsira in the village of Belo sur Mer. You will be able to admire the whole process of salt treatment, a striking spectacle showing the inhabitants who work under a crushing sun to wash and rid the salt of its clay layer. It is only at the end of the afternoon, after a succulent lunch on the beach that we will take again the road in direction of Morondava.

Day 9 and 10

Return to Antananarivo

Back to the City of a Thousand! To end this stay in beauty, nothing better than a visit to the Ambohimanga Palace, located 21 kilometres from the capital. A place filled with serenity where history is one with the present. Cradle of the “Merina” civilization, the palace of Ambohimanga has preserved all its authenticity, thus keeping alive the memory of kings and queens of yesteryear. Explore these mythical places and dive into the heart of Malagasy royal history. Before heading back to Ivato airport, a visit to the city's craft market is a must. This is the perfect opportunity to discover the most beautiful creations of Malagasy crafts. Precious stones, ethnic jewellery, wooden sculptures, rustic decorative objects, raffia bags or silk wallets... You won't know where to look, as the displays are so rich in varied and colourful objects! Treat yourself to some well-deserved memories of this incredible experience that was your stay in Madagascar.


  • Accommodation with breakfast
  • in double room/bungalow  during the  tour  (D 01 to D 10)
  • Upper and lower city tour  (D 01)
  • Lunches : (D02-D05- D06)
  • Diners : (D02, D07)
  • Hiking in the Malagasy villages (D 02)
  • Visit of the Great Tsingy (D 05)
  • Entrance Tickets and guide fees (D 05)
  • Visit of The little Tsingy. (D06)
  • Entrance Tickets and guide fees (D06)
  • Canoe trip in the mangrove (D07)
  • Night out (D07)
  • Visit of the Baobab alley (D08)
  • Visit of the  Baobab in love (D08)
  • Return to  Tananarive (D 09)
  • Visit of  the Ambohimanga palace (D 10)
  • Entrance Tickets and guide fees  (D 10)
  • Visit of the craft market  (D 10)
  • Transfer  to Ivato Airport (D 10)
  • The rental of a 4×4 vehicle with a driver during the stay in Morondava (D 01 à D 10).
  • The fuel needed for the trip.
  • The driver’s expenses (Accommodation, meals).
  • Tourist taxes and stickers.


  • International flights abroad – Antananarivo – Abroad
  • Residence visa at 35 EUR per person issued automatically
  • At Ivato Airport.
  • Free Lunch  (D 01, D 03, D 04, D07, D08, D09, D10)
  • Free Dinners : (D 01, D 03, D04, D05, D06, D08, D09, D10)
  • Activities and visits not mentioned in  the  programme
  • (Activities proposed during free stays).
  • Drinks and extras.
  • Personal expenses: tips, telephone.
  • Personal and multi-risk insurance: sickness, assistance, repatriation, theft or loss of luggage and cancellation
  • Usual tips for the driver (left at your discretion).
  • Any change to this program are the responsibility of the customers, both the extras
  • All activities paid and not performed are not refundable but can be replaced by other activities
  • And anything not mentioned in the « offer includes »


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La période conseillée, pour effectuer une visite de Madagascar sont celle hors saison de pluie comprise entre Mai, juin, juillet, Aout, Septembre, Octobre, Mi Novembre. Cependant, si vous êtes un grand aventurier rien ne vous empêche de vous y rendre en saison de pluie, nous sommes prêt a vous accueillir à bras ouverts (Décembre, janvier, février, Mars), mais il faut bien se munir de ses bottes de globe trotteur et de sa veste de pluie.

Pour aller a Madagascar, il vous faut tout simplement vous munir de votre passport encore valide pour au moins 6 mois, le visa se fait a l’arrivé à l’aéroport pour une valeur de 35 euros environ

Si vous êtes dans ce cas de figure, faites nous parvenir la destination choisie ainsi que les personne qui seront parrainée et des que vous recevrez une confirmation de la réservation et que le paiement sera effectué en totalité, nous étudierons votre cas et le montant du rabais applicable à votre achat.

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