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Au programme, la visite des plus grandes mines de tourmaline, de grenat, d’émeraude, de saphirs et de plein d’autres gemmes qui font la renommée de Madagascar, l’île aux trésors

émerveiller vos yeux de ces magnifiques pierres précieuses aux valeurs inestimables. Nous vous ferons profiter d’une parenthèse de découverte et de détente et même d’une opportunité d’affaire… Agréablement surpris ? Vous le serez entre les gisements artisanaux et les mines d’exploitation intensive (fr)

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Day 1

Arrival in Antananarivo

Antananarivo, the City of a thousand is the first Malagasy city that will welcome you. In a mix of traditional houses and modern buildings, already have a glimpse of the legendary Malagasy authenticity. You will be taken to your hotel so that you can have a rest because the stay which awaits you will be very lively.

Day 2


The adventure begins with a visit to the capital's craft markets, including the “luxury craft” markets. Already, a multitude of precious stones will be presented to you. Your skilled guide in the expertise of stones and jewellery is at your disposal to put you at ease and find you the cream of the cream in terms of precious stones. After a treat for your taste buds for lunch, a visit to the IGM or Institute of Gemmology of Madagascar is on the program. The IGM is the only Institute of Gemmology accredited by the prestigious GEM-A of London in the Indian Ocean. You will find many experts and apprentices who have chosen jewellery and stonework as their centre of interest. You will be taken back to your hotel at the end of the afternoon.

Day 3

Antananarivo - Antsirabe

Find the City of waters or Antsirabe, 4 hours drive from Antananarivo. Known for its legendary lakes and its market of fine stones, the City of waters also abounds in an undeniable wealth of gems. Place your bets, there are all colours! Take a tour of the “Cercle Mess des Officiers”, where some forty stalls await you and will offer you fine precious stones or ornamental stones. You won't be disappointed!

Day 4

Antsirabe - Ibity and Mahaiza mine

Here we are in the mines of Mount Ibity and Mahaiza, to discover the tourmaline-rich pegmatites and many other gemstones with its extraction until the assembly in jewels. During the visits, you will be able to meet the miners and get acquainted with their families and relatives, who live at the expense of the gem industry. You will also have the possibility to go down in the wells of exploitation. To your picks, perhaps you could, occasionally extract rough and mineral stones by yourself…

Day 5

Antsirabe - Ranomafana

Let's go to Ranomafana, the spa town! With a dense vegetation, Ranomafana shelters a national park abounding with a variety of animals and plants unique in the world. Take advantage of this stop to visit the park and the community. You will discover there many species of endemic animals living in freedom, in particular the lemurs. Immortalize your meeting with these little primates with photos at will.

Day 6

Ranomafana - Morafeno Mananjary Mines

Put your hiking boots back on, we set course for the mines of Morafeno, right after breakfast. Let's head for the east coast of the Big Island. The lush vegetation projects along the road to the town of Mananjary. From there, the road is secondary, prepare to live a unique adventure to arrive in Morafeno. Hurry to contemplate the aquamarines and emeralds... they are just waiting for you! You will be expected in Ranomafana for a generous dinner with Malagasy dishes from the Ranomafana region: we recommend Malagasy chicken broth or “Romazavan'Akoho”. Re-energize yourself during the night, the next day will still be well filled.

Day 7

Ranomafana - Fianarantsoa

In the afternoon, a visit to Ranomafana National Park is planned. You will discover there many species of endemic animals living in freedom, in particular the lemurs. Immortalize your meeting with these little primates with photos at will. After a lunch with the flavours of the country, we leave for the capital of the ethnic group “betsileo” which is Fianarantsoa. At destination, enjoy a good dinner with a bottle of local wine, with or without moderation... take your ease!

Day 8

Fianarantsoa - Alakamisy Itenina Mine

Head for the Malagasy south which will make your trip a total change of scenery! On this eighth day, we will explore the mines of Alakamisy-Itenina, a small town discovered in 1989 thanks to its tourmaline deposits. A real exploitation by hand, the stones are buried almost 12 meters under the ground. The miners of these deposits have learned all the know-how about mining directly in the field. You will enjoy a night of rest at the hotel in the city of wine before attacking the next day which reserves you even more discoveries

Day 9

Fianarantsoa - Ranohira

Want more encounter? You're gonna make one you won't forget soon! the lemur with the striped tail or the maki that you will find easily by visiting the village reserve of the forest of Anja, a reserve managed by villagers (a beautiful example for the rest of the country). The journey will then continue to the town of Ranohira where you will spend the night. On the road, admire the landscape of western Madagascar, with a similarity to the American western.

Day 10

Ranohira - Ilakaka

Discovered in 1996, the Ilakaka mine site is the largest open-pit sapphire deposit in the world. Developed in the image of Amazonian cities, Ilakaka has experienced considerable demographic growth. Accompanied by your expert guide in gemmology and lapidary, you will dive in the mines where you will have the possibility to participate in the sifting of the gemstone to discover one or more gems. A visit to the “Color Line” showroom is a must. From there you will discover a wide variety of precious and semi-precious stones. Enjoy a stroll through the city for your bargains before returning to the city of Ranohira for the night

Day 11

Ranohira - Tuléar

Let's head for Tulear, now for relaxation and escape. Along the way, a stop at “Le Massif de l'Isalo” National Park will give you the greatest pleasure. Enjoy a swim in the natural swimming pool in Isalo Park. Then enjoy a last stop in the town of Sakaraha, this small agricultural village where suppliers of precious stones abound. Place your bets! After one or more good deals, let's head for Ifaty where miles of beach in southwest Madagascar, awaits you

Day 12

Tulear - Ifaty

There are many activities you can do in Ifaty. We will propose you excursions on foot, by boat or by pirogue, excursions by quad, bicycle or traditional cart, and the visit of the surrounding caves. It's a custom made program to ensure leisure and relaxation during this trip. After the effort, the comfort!

Day 14


Be a privileged one by participating in a Private Gem Market especially for you for this last day on Treasure Island. In complete safety, meet our various suppliers of rough and cut stones on our premises. Experts will assist and advise you to enable you to collect the most beautiful jewels of the Red Island.

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