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Envie d’aventure et de dépaysement total ? Le sud de l’île de Madagascar est fait pour vous !

Un parc aux airs de savane et aux couleurs chaudes… Une forêt dense à la biodiversité rarissime… Des terres arides à la végétation essentiellement composée de cactus,aux plages de sable blanc frappées par les douces vagues d’une mer bleue envoutante.Tous ces paysages aussi atypiques les uns que les autres font du Sud un lieu d’exception, connu pour être l’une des meilleures destinations touristiques de l’île.

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Day 1

Arrival in Antananarivo

Drop off your luggage and make yourself comfortable in the hotel. On this first day in the City, the team has concocted a small tour of the city. Through this short walk, discover Antananarivo, a unique place where the merge between modern and traditional architecture depicts the portrait of a picturesque city. In the evening, you will be taken back to the hotel for a delicious Malagasy dinner before a good night's rest.

Day 2

Antananarivo - Antsirabe

Direction Antsirabe, the city of water! During the 4 hour drive to the spa town, you will see a landscape of mountains and hills interspersed with green rice fields and small red brick houses with thatched roofs. Put on your hiking boots already, the surrounding villages await your visit! Meet the inhabitants of the Highlands, the Merina ethnic group and discover a little more about their culture with each step. Then marvel your taste buds with a good lunch offered by a local host before setting out again. You want more discoveries? The visit of the pot foundry in Ambatolampy is on the program. Aluminium work is the largest source of activity there. Numerous displays will offer you all kinds of kitchen utensils and decorative objects in aluminium. Take this opportunity to offer yourself some souvenirs of the Big Island. Why not a nice Baobab-shaped key ring... We will then continue to Antsirabe where a delicious dinner awaits us.

Day 3 and 4


Ready for adventure? Let's go for a discovery day in Manandona. Located about twenty kilometres from Antsirabe, this small village is part of the Ibity massif, one of the major sites in the region. With a legendary authenticity, Manandona has managed to preserve its traditions and its craft and agricultural know-how. Fascinated, you will be! Besides the passage in the village, you will also be able to discover the Mount Ibity which prevails on the village with its 2.254 meters of altitude, one of the highest summits of Madagascar. Let yourself be seduced by the beauty of Ibity's rocky landscapes. The best remains to come because this site abounds in precious stones, caves, waterfalls, as well as an exceptional biodiversity. It is in this superb setting that we will enjoy a small stop. Put on your swimsuits to soak in the region's natural pool. At the end of this first day of discovery, a good night of relaxation is required, we reserve you a busy day...

Day 5

Antsirabe - Ambositra

Hurry to have your breakfast, the town of Ambositra is 2 hours drive. City of craftsmen, sculptors and silk weavers, Ambositra will make you feel privileged... Your private driver guide will show you around the city and advise you on gift ideas to offer to your loved ones as a souvenir. Between a silk pareo (or "Lamba landy") or a precious wood sculpture, or even basketry and fine wood marquetry, place your bets !

Day 6

Ambositra - Ranomafana

Now push the doors of one of Madagascar's largest national parks: Ranomafana National Park. the city of Ranomafana buries within it an inestimable treasure, a biodiversity of great rarity. Dive into the heart of this forest and discover a fauna and flora composed of many species endemic to the island. At nightfall, we will begin a night visit of the park. Under the starry sky, you will be able to make a face to face with the mouse lemurs, the smallest nocturnal lemurs of the world. But be careful, go gently, prefer silence to noise to have a chance to approach them very close.

Day 7


At your field shoes, another visit of Ranomafana National Park is still on the program. In daylight, you will discover a green forest that is the roof and table of many animal species: lemurs including the great Hapalemur, lizards and chameleons. Besides meeting these adorable animals, the birdsong will rock you throughout your adventure. Towards the end of the day, head back to your hotel for a delicious dinner before enjoying a good night's sleep.

Day 8

Ranomafana - Ambalavao

For those of you who like photography, we have thought of everything. During our trip to Ambalavao, we will stop to visit the laboratory of a famous photographer. Be inspired by the prints on display. Who knows, your pictures may later appear on a postcard...

Day 9

Ambalavao - Ambohimahamasina

Get out your hiking bag! We will begin this ninth day of circuit by 4 hours of walk. After leaving Ambalavao, we will hike through the village of Andranomangitsy and along the foot of the Angavoa mountain. Expect a breathtaking view of the village of Andalandranovao, located at the foot of beautiful green rice terraces, where you can enjoy a delicious local rice dish. After this small gourmet break, we will continue in direction of the village of Vohimarina to approach the mountain of Itaolana. Like a foretaste of the hike that will follow the next day, you will see the Itaolana summit in the distance. Once we arrive in the village of Itaolana, we will be welcomed for the night by a family.

Day 10


Experience the ascent of the two peaks of the Itaolana mountain! Enter the heart of a primary forest with vegetation rich in rare species of medicinal plants. Meet a few lemurs, including the maki or lemur with its striped tail. The friendly guide who will accompany you will take advantage of the sacred places to make a stop and perform the "saotra" or gratitude, a prayer made to the ancestors to bless the hike. Keep your peaches on! The way to reach the peak of Itaolana will be long, but the breathtaking view that awaits you there is unlikely to disappoint you. To your cameras, the view of the Andringitra massif is breathtaking! Finally, begin the descent to reach the village of Ambalahazo where your host awaits you. During this passage, you will be invited to lend a hand to an association of women who develop craft activities. You too would be a craftsman, with a good apprenticeship…

Day 11

Ambohimahamasina - Ambalavao

Still in this learning concept, a visit to an craft forge will immerse you in the art of shaping agricultural tools. Open yourself to the job of blacksmith, a friendly blacksmith will be pleased to initiate you to the gestures to handle the hammer and the bellows. Why not... once is not a habit! In the afternoon, it will be the turn of the weavers of the region to make you discover the work of wild silk. A pretty "lamba landy" woven by your hands would be a great gift for someone close to you!

Day 12 and 13

Ambalavao - Andringitra

Let's set a course for Anja's village park. At the heart of this small reserve, walk through a forest interspersed with huge granite blocks. After this small sporting excursion, a visit of the "antemoro" paper and wild silk workshops will be planned. The Malagasy craft industry in all its splendour will surely seduce you! The various creations based on "antemoro" paper make very nice souvenirs and gifts, do not hesitate to bring some with you. We will then take the road again to reach the Andringitra massif and a comfortable hotel awaits us for the evening. The next day, offer yourself a hiking day to reach the summit of Langera, known as "Le Caméléon". Leaving early in the morning, you will have the chance to see some lemurs warming their little bodies under the sun. Enter the sacred forest of Tsararano, it is the cemetery of the inhabitants of the valley, then cross the stream flowing from the plateau. Once at the top, gourmet break! Enjoy a picnic while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding rocky and thorny landscapes.

Day 14

Andringitra - Ranohira

Let's go to Ranohira! Once you have passed through the southern gates, you can expect a total change of scenery. The savannah of the south are of incredible splendour, with their rocks and canyons, sometimes punctuated with palm trees, tamarind trees, or thorny forests. You're not dreaming, you're in Madagascar! Cross the plateau of Horombe, you won't miss the herds of zebus in the vast steppes. End this busy day by admiring a magnificent sunset at the window of the Isalo. Take out your camera, this is THE picture to not to miss!

Day 5


On your marks! Ready! Go... for a walk: your goal today is to reach the canyon of Makis and Rats. Let yourself be captivated by the beauty of the panoramic view over the cliffs, and admire the magnificent palm and bamboo forests. Take advantage of this trek to closely see the animals and vegetation characteristic of the region. You will especially understand certain behaviours of the lemurs. Just like you, they know how to enjoy the sun. Don't be too surprised when a "maki" (lemur with a striped tail) or a "sifaka" sits down and tans himself quietly in front of you... On the way, discover the royal village of the Bara ethnic group and learn about its history. A visit of the enclosure and the royal tombs is on the program. For this night, the canyon camp is at your disposal. A small camp fire will be welcome, always in the spirit of the camp site.

Day 16


Get ready to have a pretty sporty day. We're leaving for an ascent to the summit of Betaidambo. Yes, you will climb the mountain and enjoy these hours of walking to admire the landscape that stretches before you. Spend the night at Betaidambo camp under a furnished tent. A cool night under the stars awaits you.

Day 17


Let's resume our walking and head for the ridge of the mountain. On the way, you will see the natural swimming pool of Betaidambo. Enjoy a good lunch in Namaza village before continuing to the nymph waterfall, then the "blue & black" pool.

Day 18

Ranohira - Ifaty

Prepare to join the large turquoise blue lagoon of southern Madagascar. Located at the same latitude as the Tropic of Capricorn, Ifaty is a must-see tourist destination. Magnificent seaside village, it presents superb bays at the end of the world. With its vast stretches of fine sandy beaches and turquoise waters, Ifaty reflects your dream... and the opportunity to take your camera out to capture this incredible landscape in photos. Along the way, visit the Antsokay Arboretum, a beautiful little sanctuary for the region's trees, including the baobabs, large trees that are hundreds of years old. Lovers of nature, you will have the opportunity to discover many plant species, but also to see endemic birds, lizards, lemurs and turtles.

Day 19

Ifaty - Exploration of the Rose Massif

How about a ride at sea? In the morning, embark for a canoe trip to the rose bed, a superb site full of coral reefs. Through these clear waters, discover all the richness of underwater fauna, including an immense variety of multicoloured fish. diving or snorkelling lovers ?Lets do an underwater exploration to see the fauna more closely. Enjoy the specialties of the sea with a picnic. Freshness, you'll have plenty! These are the fish caught the same day that will be served to you at lunch. Spoil your taste buds !

Day 20

Baobab Forest

Discover the Baobab forest, a wonder of nature. The latter fascinates tourists so much by its inverted appearance: the roots seem to be at the top of the tree... a particular snapshot that photographers all dream of having. Through a small path, contemplate countless trees with aspects as strange as the others and immortalize this discovery with photos.

Day 21

Ifaty - Tuléar - Antananarivo

Before you fly to Antananarivo and close this discovery chapter, enjoy a relaxing morning in Ifaty, feet on the sand and a dreamy head. All the miles of heavenly beaches are yours! A last swim in the bewitching blue waters is a must. Finally, relax under the coconut trees while sipping a delicious cocktail. Once in Antananarivo, visit the Queen's Summer Palace on the Ambohimanga hill. An ancient royal city, Ambohimanga contains a collection of sacred places and a funeral site. Having preserved its sacred character for over 500 years, it remains a place of worship and pilgrimage for Malagasy.

Day 22

Antananarivo - Paris

The escapade to the land of the "mora mora" is about to come to an end. Before your flight, come and visit Dieudonné and Violette's workshop to close your trip. Located in the village of Alasora, a peripheral municipality of Antananarivo, this ironwork workshop specializes in the production of decorative objects in black wrought iron or aged metals that are exported and marketed throughout the world. Among these numerous creations, you will be able to get a last souvenir of your great adventure everywhere on the Red Island.


  • Accommodation with breakfast
  • in double room/bungalow  during the  tour  (D 01 to D 10)
  • Upper and lower city tour  (D 01)
  • Lunches : (D02-D05- D06)
  • Diners : (D02, D07)
  • Hiking in the Malagasy villages (D 02)
  • Visit of the Great Tsingy (D 05)
  • Entrance Tickets and guide fees (D 05)
  • Visit of The little Tsingy. (D06)
  • Entrance Tickets and guide fees (D06)
  • Canoe trip in the mangrove (D07)
  • Night out (D07)
  • Visit of the Baobab alley (D08)
  • Visit of the  Baobab in love (D08)
  • Return to  Tananarive (D 09)
  • Visit of  the Ambohimanga palace (D 10)
  • Entrance Tickets and guide fees  (D 10)
  • Visit of the craft market  (D 10)
  • Transfer  to Ivato Airport (D 10)
  • The rental of a 4×4 vehicle with a driver during the stay in Morondava (D 01 à D 10).
  • The fuel needed for the trip.
  • The driver’s expenses (Accommodation, meals).
  • Tourist taxes and stickers.


  • International flights abroad – Antananarivo – Abroad
  • Residence visa at 35 EUR per person issued automatically
  • At Ivato Airport.
  • Free Lunch  (D 01, D 03, D 04, D07, D08, D09, D10)
  • Free Dinners : (D 01, D 03, D04, D05, D06, D08, D09, D10)
  • Activities and visits not mentioned in  the  programme
  • (Activities proposed during free stays).
  • Drinks and extras.
  • Personal expenses: tips, telephone.
  • Personal and multi-risk insurance: sickness, assistance, repatriation, theft or loss of luggage and cancellation
  • Usual tips for the driver (left at your discretion).
  • Any change to this program are the responsibility of the customers, both the extras
  • All activities paid and not performed are not refundable but can be replaced by other activities
  • And anything not mentioned in the « offer includes »

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