Entre solos . Entre célibataires . Entre filles*
Our concept

Our concept

Our concept

Solo trips

Madagascar has so many beautiful things to offer! On this point, the Big Island has everyone agreeing !

However, we have to find the time to plan our trips, set the dates for everyone… We know that it is complicated to travel while waiting for family, friends, to have it delayed in the end or with activities that do not suit us, when you precisely need a break! In the end it would have been better to go alone. But the conviviality, the feelings once you arrive at your destination ... basically, isn't the real journey the compilation of all these little moments of happiness, adventure and sharing?

Amada Tours was created for those who feel and live their travels fully, those who need to share, to live a human adventure, more than to visit places and take souvenir photos. More than just a travel designer Amada Tours is an emotions maker.

Feel free to indulge yourself and be yourself during your stay, go solo with strangers come back with traveling Akama* (buddies* in malagasy) !

Themed trips

It’s not the destination that matters, but the journey you do.

Philippe Pollet-Villard

At Amada Tours, we like to approach each trip with a common passion or desire, that's where our themes are created.
Our themed trips will help you travel with a different perspective on the destination. You will be immersed in a theme. Go on an anti-stress trip, to seek calmness. Sharing moments will help you release the pressure, and yoga will help you relax and control stress, to quote one of our themes. You will enjoy the journey differently and perceive it far beyond the destination. Ready to test this new adventure?


If we asked you to tell us about your last vacation, you will surely tell us about a moment of laughter spent with your traveling companions. These good times, this warm atmosphere, this is often what is missing in travel.
This is how we felt on previous trips we have been on, before founding Amada Tours.

Today we see our travelers, solos who did not know each other, meet again after our travels. The nostalgia for the good times they shared with our host gave birth to new friendships. An animator will share her good humor with you throughout the trip! We understand that going between solos can be a bit complicated for some people, a person who makes us comfortable can only do us good. This element that will make you feel well surrounded from the first moments.

As we favor small groups be sure you will get to know each other.

In general

Amada tours is first and foremost a passion and a desire to "travel differently". Today, we are a passionate team that tests all activities for you, relentlessly seeking the best partners and the most atypical places to offer you unique trips. We are working to make you discover another way of traveling. What we seek to offer you is a lifelong experience during each of our trips that is the passion and drive of our team.

This is the very story of Amada Tours, in 2017 Yassir Richade the founder was always looking for a trip to take that could bring him well-being. Solo and adventurous at heart, no trip could make him feel the human adventure he sought.

He looked into the problem and created a society for people seeking well-being and escape.

P.S: it is very likely that in one of your trips a person from the founding team will be, to ensure the quality of each trip, but above all because we like to discover you, and to travel!